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11/14/10 05:21 pm

How about that, it's essay & library time once again, and I always seem to remember that I have a liverjournal.  Procrastination is one strong force.

Anywho, here is what I have to say:

I am still ridiculously in love with my boy after 2yrs and 8 months, and he has to leave on Wed. for a MONTH to go on tour again.  sad.

This time he's going to Europe so he won't be able to call/text me and I find that's always particularly hard.  We usually update eachother about anything and everything throughout our day, and I hate not having ongoing communication.

Do any of my lj friends out there have to deal with long period of time away from their loved ones? Do you hate it as much as me?

10/7/10 11:31 pm

 Oh yeah! Livejournal is also for posting! I had an excellent day and it is ending with bad choices, my virtual friends. Let me elaborate in point form for your skimming pleasure...
  • Morning sex
  • 3.25 breakfast at Sneaky Dee's with the bf.  I was also complimented by a seemingly homeless man on my legs. SCORE.
  • Handed in my application for a volunteer project that goes to Vietnam/Laos for 6 weeks in May. Feels good to have it off my chest.
  • At work we had our first big event of the year, a panel on pornography in Canada, and it was a  HUGE success, over 60 people came including professors and there was awesome/heated debate afterwards
  • Close to being finished a few grant applications to go to a feminist conference in NYC in January, and faxed my application to the coordinators of the conference...it's getting official!
  • I'm all packed to go home tomorrow (on a 7:30 am train) and I am currently pre-drinking alone because my friends are going to a bar across the street from me tonight and I'm meeting up with them very shortly.
  • This whole going out and drinking the night before I have to make a 7:30 am train may not be the best idea, but I see it as a good end to a good day, so why not? 
Goodnight livejournal!

5/14/09 10:18 pm


I want to go on more little trips with the boy. Working 9-5 at State Farm again is killing my soul.

4/3/09 01:47 pm - I could watch this all day long

4/3/09 01:09 pm - A limerick about the night ahead of me:

I am seeing Andrew Bird this evening
in not too long I shall be leaving
I'm going with my boyrfriend, Pat
Sushi, I will not be craving

3/12/09 03:53 pm - Fucking bagels, man

Everytime I actually let myself eat one, I'm so sad that it's gone and its all over between us.  Bread is my lover.  Sorry, I meant my thighs' lover, its a three-way relationship, and those are always weird.

.... I don't even know anymore.  The library makes me insane.

3/6/09 04:39 pm

Alright, life is sad.  I deactivated facebook so I could get this Research paper finished, so I am back on lj.  sigh.
I can never get any work finished if I know i have plans later. Tonight Pat and I are going to have dinner somewhere. We havn't eaten out together in a while and it will be nice.  Then I think we're going to my place so he can do laundry.
For some reason Im really not stressing about this essay like I usually do.  Its due monday and needs to be 8 pages long! But I have all of tomorrow and sunday so, meh.
blah blah blah what a boring post.

LAST NIGHT Rebecca, her boi, Adrian, Ana, Rodney, Gine and Kelsey and I were supposed to go to dancec ccave but it wasnt open! Not cool.  But we just went to a pub instead, it was a good time. Pat showed up a little later too. I love having people over at our place (mine, kelsey and ginas), its fun hosting.

THIS MORNING... I had a brain fart and thought my class was 2-4 instead of 12-2 (what is really is in reality).  My brain isn't on my side sometimes. SO I was an hour late, but I got my midterm back and I got 90% so I was pleased.

BACK TO "Confusion and Opposing Discourses of Sameness and Difference in the Advocacy for Gay Rights"  woop woop.

12/31/08 12:13 am


I love this boy
and Chicago
and the bean

12/30/08 04:13 pm

Things coming up that are all scattered all over my brain!

-Pack everything up to go back to Toronto- which will surely be difficult because I pack like an idiot and brought so much clothes, and now I have things from christmas too- so I do not know how I'm going to pack it all in my suitcase...we'll see
-Bring it to Kelsey's place and store it in her car so we can leave right from work tomorrow
-going downtown with Jonny Gina and Kelsey. We need to work out those details.

-get my train ticket from london to toronto at lunch, return some christmas stuff if I have time
-leave from work, go to kelsey's, leave for London
-get there and speed- drink at Lauren's place before the bar!
-Happy New Year!
-drunk dial Pat. definetly. & maybe Jonny because he has to work so it would be funny.

Jan. 1st
-catch train to Toronto, Pat's picking me up!
-Have a fun day with Pat at the empty appt!

Jan. 2nd
-flight to Saint John
- Dad time

Jan. 6th
- fly home to Toronto
- have excellent appt times with Kelsey and Gina.  I miss our fun/ridculous appt. times.. (oooo We'll have new    neighbours by then too, I'm hope they're as cool as Melody and Katrina were)
- AND Pat will be living in Toronto by then! and I'll get to see his place and it's so close to my place and school! I'm so pumped for next semester.

Jan. 7th
-school starts. Oh boy


That's as far as my mind streches right now. 
Maybe I'll post pictures soon too, I can't do it from work but I'm totally feeling getting back into the lj scene..haha, oh no, I'm not sure what this means for my rep.

12/23/08 03:29 pm - CHICAGO

was the best.  Lots of fun times.
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